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Bevel's Last Sermon
(director, editor and producer, 
2010 - 26 minutes)

As Dr. Martin Luther King's collaborator, Reverend James Bevel was a key strategist of the Southern Civil Rights Movement. His later career was marked by controversy and an incest conviction. This documentary is a candid interview with Rev. Bevel 10 days before he died.

"Jim Bevel was Martin Luther King's most influential aide," said civil rights historian David J. Garrow. He cited Rev. Bevel's "decisive influence" on the Birmingham "children's crusade" of 1963 that helped revive the movement, the voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 and King's increased outspokenness against the Vietnam War. - from his obituary in The Washington Post, 12/20/08

Rev James Bevel

First public screening at the 2010 Jubilee Film Festival, part of the Jubilee Bridge Crossing Festival. This annual event draws over 30,000 people to Selma, AL to reenact and celebrate the pivotal moment in civil rights history that Rev. Bevel was a driving force behind.

It also screened at festivals in Berlin, South Africa, Atlanta, Florida, and in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

director of photography - Sanghoon Lee

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Bevel's Last Sermon